Anne Marie Beard Designer from Austin, TexasHey Y'all! I'm Anne Marie Beard, a 5th Generation Austinite who's been designing and making jewelry, clothing and accessories since I was a little girl. As a senior in college, I launched by own label in 2002.

My creations revolve around my belief in “Opulent Minimalism.”

By sourcing supplies that leave a small footprint on our planet, I'm able to create eco-friendly accessories that are durable and lovely, often created with reclaimed materials and subtle details.

My heritage of needlecraft, lifelong love of the arts, and degree in Costume Design influence my work, but most of all, Mother Nature is my creative inspiration. Seeing the beauty in the discarded – those unwanted neckties of Uncle So-and-so, that never finished quilt top found at a flea market, a rad bit of sparkly knit left on the factory floor – feels like an homage to Nature. All that dies and is waste in the natural world is ultimately used – decomposed and turned into nutrients for new life. Creating a new life out of textiles is pretty fun, I must say!

As you check out the goodies I've made, along with a handful of dedicated helpers, my hope is that you wonder about the story. Where did this fabric come from? Was it a dress? What the heck is a 1976 Gino Pompeii Necktie Textile? Contact Me if you're interested in hearing the background on any item.

In support of my mission, 2% of my sales are donated to Austin Area groups that work to ensure Environmental Conservation.

 Amor Vincit Omnia, xoxo Anne Marie B.